COVID 19 Response – May 2020


The second quarter of 2020 has thrust our world into uncharted territory. The result of the COVID19 pandemic has been catastrophic, to say the least.  Along with our health, it has affected every part of our lives and businesses.


Due to the COVID19 world shutdown – and its trickle-down effect on absolutely everything – we must make the unfortunate announcement that Mercedes-Benz Canada has cancelled all summer 2020 race track programs for AMG Driving Academy Canada.This cancellation applies to all track programs for the 2020 Calendar year.


While we were hoping for our world to be in a healthier place by May, so that we could all resume as normal, the reality is not as such. The challenges facing us, due to social distancing as well as supply-chain, have made it necessary for them to come to this difficult decision.


We certainly are not the first event-type business to have our season canceled, and we will not be the last. We will put programs on ‘hold’ until everything settles into our “new normal.”


As you can all imagine, we take our directive from Mercedes-Benz Canada, and we will keep you informed on any news that pertains to this. Again, this is affecting AMG Driving Academy Canada summer track programming only. Please keep in touch regarding 2021 AMG Winter Sporting.


Stay healthy and drive safely.